Cake Flavors

vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon, pistachio, banana, almond, chocolate chip, coconut, funfetti, rainbow, cranberry carrot, marble, honey spice, pumpkin

Buttercream Frostings

vanilla, chocolate, cream cheese, espresso, cookies & cream, strawberry, peanut butter, passion fruit, salted caramel, maple, raspberry jam

Specialty frostings

Available for an additional charge:

vanilla meringue buttercream, lemon curd, chocolate mousse, dulce de leche, cannoli cream, sliced strawberries, pistachio, hazelnut


Standard Cake Pricing

Mini cake 1–3 servings $18
6-inch round 8–10 servings $36
8-inch round 12–15 servings $44
10-inch round 18–25 servings $60
12-inch round 30–35 servings $105
. . .
3-layer, 1/4-sheet 25–30 servings $75
2-layer, 1/2-sheet 30–40 servings $125
3-layer, 1/2 sheet 50–65 servings $185

All cakes are three layers unless otherwise noted.
Call for a quote for custom cakes and decorations.


Our Favorite Cakes

Classic Birthday

vanilla cake, buttercream, and raspberry jam

Double Chocolate

chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream

Red Velvet

cream cheese frosting, chocolate piping

Ultimate Birthday Cake

funfetti cake, chocolate mousse, meringue buttercream, ganache drip

Black & White

vanilla and chocolate cake and buttercream

Vegan Birthday Cakes

vanilla, chocolate or red velvet

Gluten-Free Cake

choose from any of our cake flavors

Cookie Cake

salted nutella, chocolate chunk, or sprinkle


Honey Spice

maple buttercream, toasted pecans

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

chocolate cake and mousse, raspberry buttercream

Rocher Cake

chocolate cake, hazelnut filling, ganache drip

Cookie Butter Cake

cinnamon & nutmeg cake, vanilla buttercream, cookie butter, cookie crumbles

Pumpkin Lover’s

pumpkin spice cake, cream cheese frosting

Rainbow Cake

five layers of rainbow cake, vanilla buttercream

The Wedding Slice

almond cake, vanilla Swiss buttercream, raspberry jam, lemon curd


Sweets and minis

Standard Cupcakes and Cookies

$2.75 each / $30 per dozen

Mini Cupcakes and Cookies

$15 per dozen

French Macarons , Cake Pops, Whoopies, Cream Pies, Bars, and Tarts

$21-$36 per dozen

Bake-at-Home Cookies

Choose from salted nutella, chocolate chunk, or sprinkle

$10 per cookie dough pint

Cookie and Bar Platters

small (10-15 servings) $75 / large (20-25 servings) $110

Cake Push-Up Pops and Cake-in-a-Jar

$48-$54 per dozen


ordering information

  • To place an order, call (347) 987 3941 or stop into the shop.

  • Custom cakes require at least 72-hours notice. 

  • A 50% deposit is required to secure your order.

  • Daily cake specials available for pick-up.